About the US Muaythai Super Series

The goal of the Muaythai Super Series is to prepare athletes for Olympic Style Muaythai Competitions that adhere to the Internation Federation of Muaythai Amateurs (IFMA) standard. The Muaythai Super Series competitions will give our amateur athletes experience in standardized International OLymipic Committee (IOC)/International rulesets without the out the pressure and expense of a high production martial arts show

Muaythai Super Series East

The East Coast and more specifically, PA is under-represented at the national and international level. Not due to a lack of talent, but because the outlets to compete in IFMA style rulesets does not exist. Therefore, athletes from PA or the East Coast must travel to great lengths to get this type of experience. The Muaythai Super Series was developed to offer that exposure and experience.

This vision aligns with the United States Muaythai Federation’s (USMF) goal to unite the national Muaythai community and the continuted sustainable growth of Muaythai in the United States. Through the 5 pillars of IFMA and Muaythai, the Muaythai Super Series is based on respect, honour, tradition, fair play and excellence. In conjunction with the USMF, we will establish/partake in regional and national rankings systems for placement on the USMF National team.

Muaythai Super Series West

The West Coast has a very few kickboxing and Muaythai promotions which limits the development and experience of these athletes. The MSSWest was developed to create more opportunities for athletes to compete and exposure to IFMA Olympic Style Muaythai and judging.


About The MSSEast

The MSSEast is an amatuer Muaythai competiton geared toward growing Olympic Style MuayThai on the East Coast.

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What is Olympic Muaythai?

Read more about IFMA, The IOC and the USMF and what role they play in USA Muaythai and international Muaythai.

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Compete on the MSSEast

The goal of the Muaythai Super Series is to offer the United States a clearer path to International experience and success.

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Learn More about the United States Muaythai Federation

The USMF--United States Muaythai Federation--is the sole IFMA (International Federation of Muaythai Amateurs) representation of the USA.