Our Approach

Our goal is simple, let's get our athletes competing safer, more often and with the same rules as the rest of the world. Instead of stepping into the ring 2 or 3 times a year, lets gear up and compete a 10-12 times a year. It's time to even the playing field by gaining as much experience as possible!

Our Future

In conjunction with the USMF and our West Coast Counter Part "US Muaythai Super Series West", we will be able to have our coastal champions compete using the same rule sets. By using the USMF athlete database, we can crown true coastal and national champions and in the end, have a stronger contingency for the USMF National team.

Meet the Team

We work hard. We love Muaythai. We want you to love it too.


Charlie Cottone

MSSEast President. Promoter and Match Maker

North East USMF Regional Coordinator and one of few  IFMA Certified Officials in the USA (Certified this the 2018 IFMA World Championships in Cancun).


Kate Allen-Cottone

MSSEast Vice President. Operation Manager

Member of USMF National Team 2017. Competed at 2017 World IFMA. 2017 TBA, WBA and Warriors Cup Champion.


Patrick Valor Rivera

Founder of US Muaythai Super Series. Promoter and matchmaker of MSSWest.

Current team Captain for Adult and Youth USMF National Team. Coach of multiple IFMA world champions out of Valor Training Center in Stockton CA.

Next Steps...

Take part in the MSSEast. Register with us first, then register with the USMF. Get nationally ranked and ready to compete.

Hero Photo by Jeff Dojillo