Notable MSSEast Rules and Regulations

Our Rules and Regulations are easy. We are simply doing what the rest of the world is doing. These standards have athletes competing 12-18 times a year, and doing so SAFELY. You can take a competition on the MSSEast and compete again two weeks later.

  • All bouts are full gear. Headgear, shin pads and elbow pads.
  • All A-Elite, A, B and C class competitions will have elbows.
    Entry Class : 0-1 competitions.
    C-Class : 2-5 competitions.
    B-Class : 6-12 competitions.
    A-Class : 13-19 competitions.
    A-Class Elite : 20 + competitions.
  • All athletes and coaches MUST register with the USMF. REGISTER NOW.
  • All bouts are scored, refereed, judged, officiated, carried-out and held to the USMF/IFMA standard.
  • There is an in-ring dress code.
    All athletes MUST wear muaythai shorts.
    All athletes must wear a top (provided by MSSEast) that corresponds to athlete's corner.

Please download and read all of the MSSEast Rules and Regulations.